Welcome to Kastria, a website celebrating "Doctor Who", the world's longest-running science-fiction programme, produced in one form or another since November 1963.

Kastria.net would like to join the many others in the UK and around the world in welcoming Peter Capaldi to the role of the 12th Doctor!

Our aim is to be a creative site, with original artwork, animations and recreated scenes using a mixture of old footage and new effects . In addition we will be including pictures from exhibitions and shows as well as location visits and meetings with various people who have worked on Doctor Who itself, either in front of or behind the camera.

Some of our art projects have taken inspiration from the often fabulous artwork that appeared in the Radio Times in the Seventies, from renowned artists as Frank Hampson and Frank Bellamy.

Art by Frank BellamyLaunched in in 2002, Kastria has grown in size and now has a wealth of largely original material, as well as a presence on YouTube, showcasing some of our recreated scenes. Our Radio Times-inspired items have featured stories such as The Web Planet, The Krotons, The Hand of Fear and The Green Death and more are planned. We've been out and about, meeting people from the show and on location visits to places where classic stories, such as The Daemons and The Sontaran Experiment were filmed. We also have pictures from exhibitions such as Llangollen, Doctor Who Up Close and The Art of Doctor Who.

Art by Frank BellamyThe site is evolving all the time and, as with the show, we are only held back by our imagination.

Please do take a look and let us know what you think. Your comments are valuable to us and we are always interested to hear your opinions on the site and suggestions for future features, artwork or animations. You can contact us via the Kastria mail address, provided in the copyright footer below each page.

We hope you enjoy the site.
Ian & Martin

Art by Frank Hampson

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